S c r o l l D o w n


Welcome to my studio.

Here I create crazy music.

But.. Also very nice music.

My real name is MO.

Improman is just an alter-ego name I have chosen for umbrella of my diverse projects.

It also suits my music process very well. I like to improvise live, in studio and while I play with other musicians.

I am a passionate instrument collector and DIY builder. I like broken, weird and funny guitars, drums and keyboards.

In my 25+ years of music creation I recorded more then 100 projects. Available in limited editions of CD’s, DVD’s, USB’s, Demo’s, Live sessions, Cassettes and Reel Tapes.

This website is a small archive for my present and past work. I don’t publish a lot as I like more to create then edit, master and distribute.

Welcome to browse through my archive. I have many stuff to listen for free. If you buy something, I respect you from bottom of my heart.

Thanks a lot for supporting my work!