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In 2019 I focused all my energy (and free time) into playing electric guitar in surround with 6 loopers and some Ipad drum machines and effects.
I never studied how to play guitar, I never watched YouTube lessons (except few blues scales), I never wanted to be the next Satriani.
My approach was always and is still – grab it, close your eyes, open your heart and make something… It goes to every instrument and every object I find on my way in life.
I just want to make something out of it to make my soul relaxed.
And I found out my soul is mostly happy when I play without any pressure of what others will say, if my friends will like it and if I will still like it after few years…
When I decided last year to quit all my electronic productions, at first I didn’t know what to do in my studio.
I had full room of all kinds of equipment but what I really wanted was to entertain myself on the weekends.
I didn’t want to form a band or collaborate with musicians, I just wanted to have a piece of me inside some instrument for few hours when everybody goes to sleep on Fridays nights.
One day I found this old Fender Toronado guitar that I bought on my trip to USA in 2002. I played it several times in few of my productions with Guitar Plugin on my laptop.
Then I saw an ad in my local marketplace for this old VOX at very cheap price. I bought it, and soon another, and another, and another.
At the same time I became interested in loopers and surround live improvisation. My rig went from mono to stereo, to 3, 4 and now 6 channels.
Soon I added few effects and built 2 big guitar cabinets to put all my amps inside.
I started to record all my sessions on Revox A77 reel-reel machine, just in case if something would came out good and maybe later I will use it in my other projects.
As archive of those tapes went bigger and bigger, I started to realize that this music I was making made me feel good at work when sitting behind the computer for longer hours.
It also made me feel good when I was walking in the forrest or hiking on local mountains.
One day I had this vision ( I was sober) of me playing at some large event in the nature. And then in the forest. And then in the desert.
People were dancing strange dance to my music and everybody felt great.
There was love in the air and a mystical experience between each one of us.
I realized that sound I am making became larger then what I was feeling…
So I keep pushing myself to discover more. I got inspired by my sound.
At one point I saw my whole future in this sound. And all the people connected to that sound.
Dreams became reality and next day I wrote in my diary: MY MUSIC INSPIRES PEOPLE TO EXPRESS THEIR FEELINGS.
New age bullshit that actually makes sense if you connect with right head and right ears. Your body will tell you how to move and there is no rule what to do next.
You need to just close your eyes and go with a flow!
My music is here to connect, to inspire and to bring something new to our impro tribe.
It is up to you how you will hear it and use it!

P.S.: Projects labeled from #200 and above are all my guitar sessions I recorded. You can download most of them for free.
They are here to be listened or manipulated. Your soul will tell you in what way… Use it and make something good out of it!
Archive starts in 2017 when I was starting to experiment with my guitar, loopers and live mixing.
Some are bad, some are good and some are… music.
I believe there is no bad music on this planet! Just people who decide something is bad because somebody else said is bad.
If Jesus was Buda, music would be dance… 🙂

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