At one moment in my life I decided to make an archive of all my home recorded stuff.
Why? Because I had always troubles finding projects on hard drives or showing specific project to people.
… And just in case if one day I disappear and nobody knows what to do with all the shitty music that gathered on my drives in last 25 years..
The thing is – there is a lot of shitty music in our pop culture and if you look for creative shitty music, google can’t find it.
If you write “improman+creative shitty music” my page comes out. 🙂
Amazing, isn’t it??


90% of all projects in this archive were recorded during one-take sessions in my studio.
Through years I developed a special style of improvisation on different instruments, where I focus on rhythmic repetition in A minor.
I’m not into learning instruments but onto finding creative ways of playing them to produce weird harmonies.
All my live recorded albums last around 50mins, which for me is the perfect timing to re-experience the journey I was in while making the music.
After hundreds of recorded sessions I can still say the same thing: ‘Improvisation helped me to find my 3rd ear.
3rd ear helped me to find my 2nd heart. And 2nd heart helped to find my 1st head. Now all 3 are connected into 1.
Simple. Improvisation just works. No matter who you are. Musician, artist, alien, spiritual guru.
This archive is here to bring special experience to your inner and outer ears.

Most of the stuff I recorded with headphones. So best experience is to listen on quality headphones.
Why headphones? Because headphones helps me to easily fall into other dimensions when creating music.
Also helps me to re-experience the process when listening after.
I mainly use 2 types of headphones for recording (Senheiser HD260 and Audio Technica 50).
Mastering is made on special headphones from local startup called OLLO.
Lately I don’t use studio monitors except for parties in my studio.
So if you have those headphones, you’re good to go! But if your ears are not so sensitive for best quality listening, you can use whatever headphones you have in your drawer.
Just please don’t listen my music on laptop or mono speakers!!!
It’s a big NO and I will not tolerate this and will find you and kill your laptop through my virus!

Most of my music is free to listen. Some albums you can buy in limited quantity in CD, Reel-Reel, Cassette or LP.
If you’re a VIP member, you can download all FREE ALBUMS and use it in your non-profit projects.

You don’t have to. Use my music as a daily radio while you work or for Sunday daydreaming. Some music you will find works best for taking your mind to a place, where everything is possible. Just close your eyes and imagine you are inside me or some other head. Or inside some other place.
Use my music as a tool to evoke feelings and dreams.

Each live session for me is like a page in my musical diary. I learn about production, improvisation, recording and song structures through those recordings. I also re-experience the process I was in when listening later. So I want my sessions to be exactly the same as in the moment I pressed RECORD on my portable Sony recorder or Revox reel-reel machine.

Not so often lately as my live sets got too complicated. I rather play in my studio and here and there I do guitar/drum surround looping setups.
I also do workshops where I teach people how to use voice and objects around us for live music composition. It is very funny when you see bunch of people running down the street, screaming help and kicking trash bins to record perfect kick drum on their portable looping setups.

++++ THANKS!
Goes to all my musical friends, relatives and soul collaborators.
And of course to all you who found a secret place inside of me.

I hope this page inspires you to start a conversation with your inner YOU through music improvisation!

Most of my physical archive was digitized. Took me two years to complete it and store it online.