Our consumer-addicted society is growing to a level where musicians like Improman are needed to quickly de-stress you. They work as gate-openers to other dimensions, and sometimes simply noise-task cleansers. You can also call them shamans but we prefer term ‘sound healers.’ Here, a guitar is no longer a tool for entertain and inflating egos, but to ‘innertain’ and inspire.

There are 3 ways of how you can use Improman Radio:

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Relax, breathe in, breathe out, find a nice spot and put your headphones on while hiking, skiing, beer drinking, gardening or cycling! Improman Radio supports all your favorite styles of spending the day with yourself. Using one or several loopers that are bounced to mix board or recorded with special mics, it gives you the best possible stage at day or night to achieve your inner-peace and mental clearness. And besides his guitar-room, there is also a drum room, gong room, urban beat suitcase, near the pond area session, waterfall ASMR experience and a broken piano. You will get all sessions played at certain times of the week.

Improman is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and audiovisual artist. His 25+ years sound legacy consists of more than 300 hours of studio recorded material, ranging from techno, electro, post-rock, movie soundtracks, to experimental pieces and Ableton loops. Whatever style he does, whichever instrument he grabs, there is always something magical in what he plays. He has also built 3 home studios, several guitars and few other sound devices and D.I.Y instruments.


For the past 3 years his main instrument is electric guitar and loopers, but there are also Gongs, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, Fujara, Kora, DIY spoon guitars, Tribal flutes, Shruti boxes, 3 sets of drums, lots of percussions, synths, singing wires and other unique equipment which he likes to play occasionally. His creative home studio is a sound oasis which inspires many creative musicians and sound lovers to stop by and collaborate online or off-line. His latest project is a backyard pond with 2 big waterfalls that serves as a drone for his weekly ‘guitar-off-water-on session’.

Yes. 🙂 Many doctors, spiritual researchers and healers are suggesting Improman Radio to their patients.

If you’re dealing with depression or whatever mental illness, this radio is the cure for all your issues.

Improman records every week. Usually on Friday and Saturday night.

All recording are monthly uploaded into radio broadcasts.

Yes. When you buy VIP Archive or VIP License package, you can use all his music on unlimited projects.

Film is made in Covid-19 lockdown so it requires a different approach. Improman is shooting material by himself and sending it to director and editor. Additional shootings are required but we’re somewhere at the half of it. So hopefully in 2021 if we gather enough supporters.

Only if you play improvised guitar music with one or several loopers.

And if you don’t masturbate with guitar solos for more than 10 seconds.

If you’re member of Improman ‘Lopp your emotions inside-out training, then you’ll get instructions inside the membership.

This is the holistic method that Improman developed based on his 25+ years of music experience.

It shows you 3 important daily rituals that will help you to be more creative, more healthy, and more happy musician / human.

There are 3 MAIN PARTS that makes this ‘method’ powerful.




You can do them in different combinations and in different intervals.

Some humans will just meditate, some will commit 100% to body, and some will say music is their main thing.

All that is OK if you feel HAPPY.

The method I’m teaching combines all into a daily routine, that will open your eyes and also bring a lot of joy into your life.

Very rarely these days. Only at special events and parties, where workshop+concert+live jam session on stage is combined in one or several days.

Please send him an email first so we can work out the details.