Bellow you can check different rooms of Improman studio.

ROOM 1 - Drum/Live/Foley Room

This room is used for live drum projects, foley recordings and practice/jams with other artists

ROOM 2 - Editing/Mastering Room

This room is used for composing, editing, mastering, uploading and office stuff.

ROOM 3 - Guitar/Looping Room

Here Improman spends most of his time over the weekends. Here is where guitar magic happens.

ROOM 4 - Gong/Piano Room

This room is used for gong sessions, piano improvisation and other foley/acoustic recordings.

ROOM 5 - Diy/Fix Room

This room is used for making instruments, fixing gear and storage.

ROOM 6* - Storage room

Storage for broken and unbroken instruments.


Thank you. You are awesome too.