Welcome to my page.
My name is Matej and I come from Slovenia. I’ve been making music since 1993.
I’ve built 3 home studios, designed many sound tools, and composed more than 500 hours of music.
My first era 1995-2014 was all about Ableton, VST, and improvisation with electro-acoustic instruments in my studio.
The second era came in 2017 when I decided to throw my laptop away and focus on live guitar loop improvisation in surround & binaural.
Now it’s 2022 and I compose music part-time. I am a paid media consultant/media buyer in 2nd fastest growing tech company in the EU, and music improvisation helps my head and ears to stay healthy.
I play primarily on weekends but sometimes I can’t resist and do a ‘loop session’ just after my breakfast.
What you will find here is a big archive of live, impro, studio, demo, soundtracks, and other projects, that I recorded while surfing my studio and this planet called Earth.

If you want to know my long 
STORY of how all this started, click here.
If you’re interested in using my music in art/film/media projects, click here and download all with just one click.
If you have a specific project for me, or if you have any other questions,
hit me up on – info (at) improman.com